grid doesn't load all the rows in the grid

I’ve got a grid that loads rows in chunks dynamically. the first set of rows works great, but as you scroll down the subsequent row sets only show some rows and not all. sometimes its like no rows load at all. any ideas?

gridAll = new dhtmlXGridObject(“gridAll”);




gridAll.enableEditEvents(true, false, false);






Is it possible that row content contains some elements which change default row’s height ( images with height greater than height of the row for example ) ?
In case of such content, the in-grid calculation may fail and render incorrect parst of grid.
( starting from dhtmlxgrid 1.6, grid can load such content if muttiline mode enabled - grid.enableMultiline(true) )

If you have modified default styles, and have changed default row height, you need to add next command
whrere N - new height of row

Also, please be sure that server side code returns correctly formed XML ( especially pos parameter )