Grid Drag & Drop.

Hi, I’m having an issue while using the drag and drop functionality with grid, we’re currently migrating from a XML structure to JSON, integrating dhtmlx with CodeIgniter framework.

My issue occurs when I drag and drop from one grid to another, when this happens I, by using dataprocessor add a record to a database with the information of the product being dropped. This is done perfectly, the problem comes when I try to delete that recently added product to the new grid since the id is lost.

I dont know if I’m being very clear but to make it a little more understandable when I drop from a grid lets call it source_products to a grid lets call it target_products, the dataprocessor does it job and adds a record to the database and returns this [code]

<?xml version='1.0' ?>

[/code].But when I try to delete that recently added record, It fails, since I’m not passing the row id to the target grid, my question is how can I make the dataprocessor respect the tid, since when it was made with XML, it worked perfectly.

This is basically what my dataprocessor insert looks like: (as I said before I’m using php with CI framework)

[code]function insert($action){
$result = $this->gp_db->insert(‘product_table’, $this);


So how can I make so when I drag from the source to the target grid, the row id is preserved.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english.