Grid - Dyanamic Loading , Slow response when clicking the gr

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I have a problem with selecting a row in the grid. It becomes slower the more rows that are dynamically loaded into the grid. When more than 500 rows have been loaded it slows down to about 3/4 seconds after the click before the row is selected. I am using IE8 but I have tested on IE 6 and 7 and this problem is the same.

Do you have anything I can do to improve the speed of a row being selected in the grid? This is the only problem we now have with this fantastic grid.



I have done some profiling and it appears to be the function “moveToVisible” that is really slowing the click down.

Are you using dhtmlxGrid attached to the dhtmlxLayou? If yes - this issue was already fixed at the current version of dhtmlxLayout, please update your files

No, I am only using the grid control without the layout?

What version of dhtmlxGrid do you use? Are you using any other components?

I am using v2.5. I am just using the grid with no other components, dynamically loading rows into the grid. Even after the entire data set has been loaded into the grid the click takes a noticeable time to be selected. I also have frozen columns enabled.

Please provide us complete example where we can reproduce this issue (Please send such example directly to the