Grid Dyn. loading + serverside sorting, load called twice?

I want to describe our problem as simpe as possible:

  • A grid is dynamically loaded via XML, with serverside sorting, 200 records will be read at a time.
  • There are 2000 records.

This is working perfectly in every aspect.

Now, our application remembers which record was last viewed (clicked on). For instance record no. 1001.
So on a page refresh our application then does not begin with loading the grid from record 1 to 200 but instead it loads records no. 1001-2000 and displays record no. 1001 as follows (rc being “1001”):

	if(grid.doesRowExist(rc)) {

Again, this is working perfectly. No problems at all from the user’s point of view. Record no. 1001 is shown as the first visible row in the grid and the user can scroll to wherever he wants in the grid.

HOWEVER: we want our application to be as efficient as possible. We noticed that immediately after the initial load of records 1001-2000, another XML load occurs in the background, containing records 1-200 (with dhx_no_header set to 1 in the argument list, so it’s definitely the second load). What is causing this and how can we prevent this?

Unfortunately this is the expected behavior and it cannot be fixed.
With the initial loading request these first records will be loaded and rendered as the first page renders before the requested records.