Grid "ed" and "co" columns not changeable

When I first load a grid from within:

dhtmlxEvent(window,"load",function(){ .... load grid here ... }

“ed” and “co” columns work fine - you can click and change them.

But after the first loading, when I reload the same grid on certain events (such as change of value in a dropdown list), the “ed” and “co” columns become unchangeable - they don’t respond to double clicks anymore, even though the column types are still correct. I have verified it by using following code (the values seen in the alert are “ro”, “ed”, and “co”):

	alert("column type 0: " + mainGrid.getColType(0));
	alert("column type 1: " + mainGrid.getColType(1));
	alert("column type 2: " + mainGrid.getColType(2));

Using “clearAndLoad” method didn’t make any difference. Any help appreciated!

Do you have “onEditCell” event attached to your grid?

No, I never used the event onEditCell; but I did attach a handler for “onRowDblClicked” - I guess that’s the cause. Any suggestion on how to keep it while enabling cell editing?

Check if you returns true from “onRowDblClicked” event handler