Grid enableRowsHover() issue


I have a grid which uses the ‘mygrid.enableRowsHover(true,‘grid_hover’);’ API. At the same time, I am also trying to change the excellType of one of my grid columns on load of the XML data using the script below:

mygrid.loadXML("testData_viewStoreLevelTargetSetup.xml", function(){
        mygrid.forEachRow( function( rowId )
   mygrid.setCellExcellType( rowId, 5, "edn");
   mygrid.setCellTextStyle( rowId, 5, "background-color:#FFFFFF;" );		

After loading the grid, the hover highlight now skips the column 5 with the modified excellType. It’s like the modified column displaying above the onhover highlight instead of showing above. Do you have a fix for this? Thanks.

Please, try to add “!important” in your hover class:

<style> .grid_hover { background-color:#7FFFD4 !important; font-size:20px; } </style>