Grid-excel-php export empty file Excel


I’m using dhtmlxGrid v.3.6 Standard edition build 130619 (from readme.txt). After migrating to the new server, I faced a problem in Excel export.
I think problem its relation with PHP version - servers configurations before and after shows below:

Before (export is work):
OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
WebServer: Apache 2.2.14 (Win32) with PHP 5.2.1

After (export is not work):
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standart x64
WebServer: Apache 2.4.20 (Win64) with PHP 7.0.6

Temporary I’m use online export.

I was read this topic with the same problem All recomendations in this topic is not helped. By the way, I noticed that after the line $excel->printGrid($xml); in generate.php code is not executing (I just try to create new txt file with fopen function). With $debug = true; it just create file debug_x_x_x__x_x_x.xml with data from grid in xml view.

Apache error logs is empty with error_reporting(E_ALL); in top of generate.php.

I’m was update grid-excel-php and PHPExcel in lib folder to version 1.8.0. It’s not helped.

I have no more options for solving this problem. Please help me understand.

Thanks in advance.

I’m found the solution - problem was in PHPExcel version 1.8.0 and earlier. I was downloaded this version from home page

DHX team, please update PHPExcel to latest version in grid-excel-php for compatible with PHP 7.

Topic is closed.

Thanks in advance.