Grid-excel-php is not picking grid footer


I am creating a grid excel poutput, but the functionality is not capturing the footer.

Please Help.

Ndegwer | Kenya

please, provide link to your page with grid or complete demo. Which server side do you use?


Thx so much for your reply, i have been waiting for it.

Here is a link example

As you can see the footer totals are not in the Excel output.

AM not sure about your question “Which server side do you use?”.



you should update dhtmlxgrid_export.js from attachment.
About server side I mean PHP, Java, ASP.Net. Now I see that you’re using PHP. (2.96 KB)

Thankyou soooo much.

It worked perfectly!!!

God Bless.

Its not Working for me 2. i tried above solutions also bt still its not working

I also try that attachment , but it’s not working. Before I attach above file export to excel working only footer not display. But after i put attachment export also not working. Blank page open. Please give any other solution.

Thank You.

please, provide link to your grid or a complete demo.