"Grid" excell


we just bought the PRO version of the grid.

Is it possible to have grid

with two columns, first one of which is of type “grid” and the second one “txttxt”. When I click on the first column a grid will be shown again with two columns(of type ro). I want when I click on a row in the subgrid, both columns in the main grid to be updated. Eg:



If this is not possible by default can you help me to modify the excell or the grid code in order to have this functionality.

You can attach “onEditCell” event to the main grid and check, if cell from the first column was updated. If cell from the first column was updated you will get value from the secod sub grid column and set it to the second main grid column:
if (stage==2&&cInd==0&&){
var sValue=subGrid.cellById(nValue,1).getValue();
retrun true;
return true;