grid excelltype

When I use a grid as an editor, after creating a new row with addRow, the command mygrid.setCellExcellType( id, 4, ‘grid’ ); is returning an error:

Error Type: cell

Description: Row not exists

The combobox appears in the 4th cell as expected but when I click on an item in a tree to expand it I get an invalid xml error even though I can view the xml through a browser and it is formatted correctly.

If I change the excelltype to anything else like co or ed then I don’t get an error.

I can include more details if you need.

Thank you.

The problem can be caused by used version of grid excell , original version has issue with setting cell value which not exists in attached grid.
Please try to use attached js file instead of original one.
Also please be sure that you linked related grid to the master grid before using setCellExcellType (803 Bytes)

Thank you. That helped. Now what happens is when I click on a + in the subgrid editor treegrid it comes up with LoadXML error. I don’t think it’s calling mysubgrid.loadXML() file correctly. Is some other setting I need to use othere than subgrid.loadXML() or a way to debug the subgrid events?

Thank you. My problem is solved. I don’t know why just yet. I may post my findings later.

it comes up with LoadXML error
In common case , you can try to use debug version of dhtmlxcommon.js to fetch more detail about incorrect XML … tmlxcommon