Grid Export to Excel in Dynamic Loading

Dear all,

My question is quite simple. I have reached the pro edition and use dynamic_loading in my connector. Currently, I perform a dynamic loading of 30 lines in order to increase my grid loading.

Obviously, when I use the toExcel method to generate the excel file corresponding to the grid, the number of lines in the excel file is 30, eve n if my total of rows in my grid is more than that. If I scroll in the grid to perform a new loading (30 more for example), I reach 60 lines, etc. The only way to have the entier grid is to scroll down in the grid to reach the entire datas.

How could I reach all my lines in the excel file please ?



Please ?

See this guide … ata_export

Hey there and sorry for excavating this old thread.

I am going to use the ConvertService class for exporting grid data in a dynamic loading environment. With the tighter data protection regulations nowadays I have a problem to send personal data to a website without any contract. In fact my current client would not accept that. Is there a possibility to perform the conversion on the client’s web server?

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I apologize for the delay with the reply
You may try to use the following package:

for the php, but it supports only the php 5 or older.
or the following packages:

for the java and

Thanks sematik. I got it working well and fixed all notices and PHP 7 issues. Works great now.