Grid - filter by date


What are the options for filtering date fields?

I don’t see date_filter on the filter types.

I have a date field, and I would like to filter by intervals. like all the rows which the date is between 2 input dates. Is there some options for this?

Thanks, Efrat

There is no buit-in date filter.
The only solution which is available for now - use filterBy API with custom filtering function

Can someone post an example of customfilter for this?

Thanks a lot!

Also, on a similar note, is it possible to do some ckeck-box filtering similar to what we see in extjs example: … local.html ?

basically allows you to pick multiple values for filter…like in excel autofilter


You can find example of custom filters implementation here … ntent.html

Thanks for that Olga. Is there any way of specifying an array of filter options, or something to that extent? (in order to accomplish the multi-select example i pointed out above?)

Also, is it possible to hide/show the filters? or must they always stay visible?

Technically it possible to change the code of grid, so it will be able to support your requirements, but it will require heavy customization. You can contact about customization details.