Grid - filtering on server side


I have the scenario where I need completely use paging, filtering, sorting on server. I don’t use the paging built-in functionality.

I always read the actual page from server…

I’d like to ask if I can use filtering built functionality somehow to get the filter values on server.

(I mean something like attachHeader("#text_filter") method but with the behaviour to get

filter values on serverside… just idea)

In the grid version 1.6 there is mentioned new feature paging without linear buffer to be able to get

on the concrete page without pre read previous pages. I tried to lokk for some examples and knowledge issues

without success. Do you have any example?

(I have professional version)

Thanx a lot.

Do you have any example?
This mode doesn’t require any special commands to be enabled. Paging works in such mode by default.
The next sample … 2419720000
works in paging , but the data of each page loads dynamically from server on page select

The sample also has ability to sort and filter dataset on server side.