Grid getAllRowIds doesn't refresh after align row to differe


I have a problem with dhx gird

In my grid, whenever I move row(s) to a different position, there is an event reOrder() which gets called to post an request to the server to update the grid row orders based on the


list of ids currently in the grid, however, when I alert this list out when the grid first loads and alert this list out when the reOrder() function gets called, the list of ids are the same in content and order. (they should be the same in content but not same in order, because I moved row(s) index from one place to another). In the browser the grid seems to be updated but this list of id for grid is not being updated, is this the expected behaviour? if so / not so, how can I get the updated list of reordered row ids in the grid?

Thanks in advance

For dhtmlxgrid before dhtmlxgrid 2.0(81107) it was expected behavior - order of rows returned by getAllRowIds may differ from actual order.
Starting from build 81107 - order of row equal to actual order in grid.

If you, by some reason, can’t update to the latest build - contact us directly at - we will provide an update for your version.