grid.getCheckedRows(1) returns wrong number in SmartRenderin

I am using version 1.6

when I load dhtmlXGridObject with a selected xml(xml with all nodes selected) getCheckedRows(1) method returns me only a sub set of those selected nodes. (only visible nodes I think). am I missing something ?

is there an event gets fired after the smart rendering is complete, so that I can check rows after that.

Before executing operation, try to call the next code snippet

for ( var i=0; i< grid.getRowsNum(); i++)

This code will pre-render all rows in grid, so next api call will be executed against the full dataset.

is there any event gets fired after the completion of rendering ?


List of all grid’s events available here

onXLE can be used as end-of-loading event, but in srnd mode the rows stay un-rendered until they are moved in visible area

Thanks, I poped up the selected rows in the xml and excuted  grid.render_row(n) only for those rows. For all selection I managed it with all checked  xml and a flag to let the server know that the user checked all.