Grid grows in size after call to clearAll()


Re: v.2.5 build 91111

I want a grid to remain a constant height and width on a page. However, when I clear the data and reload the grid with fresh data, the grid increases in size.

(1) The below very simply HTML page demonstrated my problem in both IE 7.x and Chrome. Load the page. Click on the button which just calls myGrid.ClearAll() and the grid changes size. It seems to me there is something wrong with the clearAll() function.

(2) Same issue, but rather than call myGrid.clearAll(), I call myGrid.clearAll(true) and then the init() method resets the grid size.

Or maybe I’m doing wrong?


Test Grid - why does the grid change size? #Schedule { margin:5em; padding:1em; background-color:#00FF00; } p { margin:5em; };

Issue can be solved by changing your code as

[code]#mywrapper{ margin:5em; padding:1em; background-color:#00FF00; }


Container’s div must not have any margins or paddings.

Container’s div must not have any margins or paddings.

Thank you. That was the problem.

Maybe I missed it, but such a requirement should be documented, don’t you think? If it is, I did not see it.

Yep, it is missed in existing documentation. ( we will update related topics )