Grid Header Filter Hide Automatically in Firefox

Hi DX Team,

I have a grid which has a text filter in header. That grid is also dependent on a drop down. When we change drop-down the grid records are updated. The problem is that in Firefox the text filter becomes hidden whenever we change the drop-down value. Also filter becomes visible again when we click header area or drag the layout.

I have attached the images for help.
image # 01 shows that text filter is available when page is loaded.
image# 02 shows that text filter disappears as we changed the drop down value.

Note: In IE its working fine. We are licensed customer.

Thank you
Vajahat Ali

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, provide with any kind of sample of your code, demo link or a complete demo, where the issue can be reproduced.
Here you can find tutorial about creating a complete demo: … leted_demo