Grid, height of div


What is the right way to make the height of grid dependant from the number of rows?

Actually I can put something like

Then the height=“200” can be ot too little ( and I get verical scroll ) or too big ( then I get white space ).

If I use 100% I still have a scroll.

Also would be nice if by adding a row the height of the grid could be changed. Is it possible to realize?

You can use enableAutoHeight(true) mode. Grid’s container width will increase depend on the number of rows. You can find sample here … eight.html

Thank you.
It was what I searched indeed.
It works just fine when I add row.
But if I delete row i does not decrease the height. 

This functionality was swithed off to increase grid perfomance. If you will delete a lot of rows from your grid while enableAutoHeight is on this can descrease grid perfomance.