Grid in infinite loop when using server-side filtering

We are having a problem with run-away HTTP calls from a grid client to the server when we filter the grid view using server-side filtering. The situation occurs when a previous filter is removed and a new filter is immediately set by the user. The steps are:

  • Remove a previous filter. An HTTP call is made to the server to return all the rows of the grid. Let’s name this “call #1”. This call takes approximately 3 seconds and returns approximately 2000 rows.
  • The users sets another filter before call #1 returns. Another call is made to the server to get the filtered set of rows. Let’s name this “call #2”. The call intends to return the first 200 rows, but it returns 182 rows because that is all the rows that meet the filter criteria. Call #2 returns before call #1 returns.
  • Then, without further user action, after call #1 returns, the grid makes additional calls to the server that will repeat indefinitely. Let’s name these “calls #3+”. These calls intends to return the rows over the first 200 row. But there are no such rows because of the filter. So the return contains no rows. Calls #3+ will go on indefinitely, but will stop if the users sets another filter.
  • While calls #3+ are going on indefinitely, other grid actions sometimes become unstable.

Here is a network call log:
Here is a picture of the call timing:

Here is the code we use to set the filter headers and two callbacks we used to identify the issue:

$mygrid.attachEvent(“onDataReady”, function(){
log.debug(“pisgrid onDataReady event fired”);

$mygrid.attachEvent(“onFilterStart”, function(){
log.debug(“pisgrid onFilterStart event fired”);

Can you help us avoid these repeated calls?

Please, try to update your dhtmlxGrid vesion.
A similar problem was fixed.

How do we go about trying the new version? Can we get a trial of the new version? We are using the Pro version of the Commercial Suite. Is there an upgrade price?

Please, contact sales[at] about the details of the update.

I have contacted sales. Our prior purchase allows upgrades up to version 4.0. Was the fix you are referring to available in 4.0?

I apologize for the delay.
Unfortunately I cannot be sure when exactly that fix was created.
If the problem still occurs for you please, open ticket at and provide with a complete demo/share with a demo link, where the problem can be reproduced and checked.