Grid in scheduler behaves differently while trying to have different screen sizes

when i was trying to set scheduler to my screen sizes it behaves differently for every screen size.
Header scales are getting misaligned. Except for 100% zoom level & not responsive too

Hello Sravan,
in order to make the header responsive, try to use the header config. Please, learn more about the implementation of the responsive header in the article:
If this is not what you mean, please clarify in more detail.


  1. scale header & data cell grids gets misalignment for different zoom levels .
    2…Events ,view more link are also being pushed outside the cell.

Hello Sravan,
in order for me to understand what is going wrong, please clarify step-by-step what you are doing. Please, use our snippet tool to implement your code (after reproducing the code in the snippet,please click on the “Share” button and send me the link):


if you see below sample from Dhmtlx

you can reproduce the issue with below actions.

  1. Zoom the browser to different levels below & above 100%
  2. Can see the misalignment of month head & month body
  3. also if you apply month scale border the borders are also getting misaligned.