Grid in tabbar in layout resizing


My application consists of a 4I layout. In cell C a tabbar is attached.

In the tabbar a grid and some other simple components (combos mainly) are presented

Using the previous version of dhtmlx, it was possible to resize the grids when resizing the outer layout or its cells by using the

following code :







Now I am trying to migrate to the latest version 2.5 and the above code does not seem to work.

First of all, the event “onResizeFinish” is never caught! Only “onPanelResizeFinish” is caught but again the grid

does not resize! it seems to me that setSizes() does not work any more.

I tried to find setSizes() in the new API for grids and it does not exist.

Could you please help me solve the problem?

Thank you in advance!


which approach to use to attach components ?

Try to use attachTabbar() to attach tabbar to layout cell and attachGrid() to attached grid to the tab:

var tabbar = layout.cells(“c”).attachTabbar();

var grid = tabbar.cells(“a”).attachGrid()