Grid inside layout problems, variable name keep changing

I created a grid inside the layout.

Whenever I display Request.Form output, it shows the different variable name inside them. How do I define my own variable name?
You will see the variable name keep changing everytime I display them, dhxGridObj_AA0YESl5iCix, dhxGridObj_5YAtTdldbs5 and dhxGridObj_JiknWXAJh5b0

– First output
Request.Form( dhxGridObj_AA0YESl5iCix_0_0 ) = Full Name
Request.Form( dhxGridObj_AA0YESl5iCix_1_0 ) = Age

– Second output
Request.Form( dhxGridObj_5YAtTdldbs5_0_0 ) = Full Name
Request.Form( dhxGridObj_5YAtTdldbs5_1_0 ) = Age

– Third output
Request.Form( dhxGridObj_JiknWXAJh5b0_0_0 ) = Full Name
Request.Form( dhxGridObj_JiknWXAJh5b0_1_0 ) = Age

– My coding

The name that’s changing should be the ID of the row that was changed. One option would be to go through each item in Request.Form.Items and parse out the ID, then get each field. It looks like you’re using asp, not I haven’t used asp in a while so I’m not sure exactly how to do that.

You might find it easier to have DHTMLX serialize the grid data as XML and submit that. First, make sure you’re loading dhtmlxgrid_form.js, then just add this to your grid configuration:


You should be able to access the XML using something like Request.Form(dhxGridObj_serialized).

You can customize the XML by following these instructions:

Thanks weissjd for the respond, however your solution is not what I’m looking for.
I have managed to get the workaround for my problem. = “myGridID”;

I’m sharing the link here