Grid Issue with editable cells (InputEditor) after hide or destructor


we have an issue with editable cells and InputEditor,
the issue exists since 6.0 (currently we are working with the dhtmlx v6.5.5 Pro Version).
Our grid is attached to dhx.Layout, which is attached to dhx.Window.

Whenever we hide or destruct the dhx.window, and rebuild it,
the editable Input Cells don’t work as expected:
on first edit everything seems fine, on second edit the keyboard inputs
are not recognized anymore, and the cell can’t be leaved anymore,
neither by pressing enter nor via click or double click outside the cell.

I see that that the didInsert-method of the InputEditor handler
is not called anymore (in suite.js) from now on;
the only solution is to reload the site, which is not a workaround we can
communicate to the user.

Could you please help us with a solution?

Best regards,
Daniel Bachmann

Please, try to update your dhtmlxGrid build. Some simlar problem was fixed in the dhtmlxGrid 6.5.6:

  • Fix the issue with key navigation in a grid placed to a layout cell, which caused key navigation to stop working after collapsing/expanding the layout cell


thanks, I can confirm that the issue no longer persists after upgrade
to dhtmlxSuite v.6.5.6,
the upgrade fixed it.

Best regards,