Grid+Java Connector does not update the DB

I’m trying to run some simple grid (v2.5) with java connector (v0.9b) and pgsql.
Wrote the programs exactly as in the samples:
mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridbox’);

myDataProcessor = new dataProcessor(“”);

a servlet code:
Connection conn = …
GridConnector c = new GridConnector(conn, DBType.PostgreSQL);
c.enable_log("/tmp/conn", false);
c.render_table(“szz.typ_kli”, “id”, “id,nazwa”, “”, “”);

The grid get populated with the data from db, but any ins/update/del operation causes the “Incorrect XML” error. I was trying to search the cause and discovered, that the parse_request method does not set the “editing” mode and does not recognizes the ids of rows. The dhtmlxdataprocessor.js sends the following parameters to the servlet:
but the parse_request expects “ids” parameter. What’s going on, how to make it to work?

I found, that I didn’t include some needed script: /dhtmlx/dhtmlxConnector/codebase/connector.js. Now, there is no “Invalid XML” error and updates and deletes work (inserts still not work).
But the samples includes script “dhtmlx.js”, too. There is no such script in the codebase, this is only in the samples.war. What scripts I shoud include to be sure that my program will work properly?

dhtmlx.js includes all files which need to be used, to work with dhtmlx components

“connectors” is a separate library which includes connector.js - bridge between default dhtmlx interface and server side functionality of connectors.

So you need to include dhtmlx.js from component’s package and connector.js from connector’s package.