grid + json + tooltip


I’m populating the grid with a json that i got from a php, it works fine. I would like to add a tooltip text for one column. I’ve got this code from my php:

{rows:[{id:1,data:[‘Aprobacion de proyecto: ^javascript:open_msg(‘4dd2bb68bbd4b2ec13000000’)^_self’,
{‘value’:‘John, Doe’,‘title’:‘test’},’-1108639299’,‘inbox’,‘2011-05-06 18:54:36’]}]}

the column which i want the tooltip, appears like object Object in the grid.

How must this be done?


Check if dhtmlxgrid_json.js file is attached to your page

Hi Olga,

I can’t see this file in the grid folder, where is it? Thanks

This extension is available in PRO version only