Grid loading from Native JSON-Add Hyperlinks

I’m loading the grid with native JSON data format. Previously i’m loading the grid with xml, there i can add the hyperlinks in the particular column of XML string itself.But here my data is Native JSON. Please refer the attached screenshot, in that i need to add hyperlink in the grid first Date column

My JSON data:
“listGmMonthlySalesVO”: [
“userid”: “”,
“stropt”: “”,
“token”: “”,
“sales”: “1423284.7”,
“sdate”: “2014-07-01”,
“day”: “Tuesday”,
“dof”: “3”,
“dom”: “01”
“userid”: “”,
“stropt”: “”,
“token”: “”,
“sales”: “1615182.07”,
“sdate”: “2014-07-02”,
“day”: “Wednesday”,
“dof”: “4”,
“dom”: “02”

Since the JSON data is common other purpose, we cant add link in the data column itself like below
Eg: “sdate”: “2014-07-02”".

Can anyone let me know how to add hyperlink for the first column in the Grid, also for Grouping options?

“sdate”: “2014-07-02
instead of
“sdate”: “2014-07-02"

works well for me.