Grid loading slow;

Hi all,

I’m using the standard version of the Grid component (which by the way is one of the best i’ve ever worked with…wish i could get the pro version!)…well the problem is that i’m loading the grid with over a 1000 records at one go and it sort of hangs whilst it is rendering.

Can i do something to increase the speed or make it perform better. I used the smartRendering but its the same as.

Any ideas would be great.

Thanks for your time


Nicky F

Standart version provides support for two version of dynamical data loading, both of them give possibility to load big datasets but require a bit more complex code

a) dynamical loading ( while full sample code may work only with pro version, setXMLAutoLoading available in standard version as well ) … d_dyn.html

In both cases the script on server side returns not all data, but only part of it, which allows to increase performance

>>I used the smartRendering but its the same as.
If you loaded all data at once - it will really not give serious difference, but if your server side returns only asked rows the performance problem must not occur, please check sample mentioned above, full source code for it exists in package