Grid loading twice each time

Whenever I load my page containing a grid, I see two requests for the data, the second immediately following the first. Then when I click a column to sort, I again see multiple requests. I am using Firebug and Firebox to see the XHR requests. The reason this is a problem… I have an onXLS event that displays “Loading…” and then a onXLE event that displays the grid.getRowsNum() and I see it flicker multiple times since there are two requests loading.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


This is not normal behavior fo the grid, so to help you, we’d need to see the code. Or, which is better, to have a link to working sample. Also please provide version and build number (see readme file within the package). Thank you.

I figured out the cause of it – in my server code, I had set the posStart to 1, not 0 – not sure why that caused two loads of the data, but it did. Setting it to 0 cleared it all up. It only loads once now.