Grid: loadXML error -- incorrect xml

getting incorrect xml error when load dhtmlx grid in classic asp page. Below is the html used followed by the xml. The xml file seems fine – ran it through a validator and it checked out and seems to conform to DHTML standards.

Thanks, Tom

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         Last Updated: 7/28/2014 03:06:53
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <![CDATA[20000.00]] <![CDATA[04/14/2014]] <![CDATA[]] <![CDATA[07/18/2014]] <![CDATA[07/18/2015]]

If issue occurs in IE - check that xml file has “Content-type:text/xml” header ( this is default for most web-servers, still it may be different in your case )

if issue occurs in FF and Chrome - be sure that there is no any whitespace or nelines befor <?xml tag in the xml fille.

The same problem occurs in IE9, FF and Chrome. The xml file is actually created and saved to the server via PowerBuilder so I’m not sure how I would set the content type in this instance. Also, all of the html in the example I provided is created in PowerBuilder and returned to ASP page as a string via a function call.

I added logic to remove trailing spaces but that didn’t help. Were you able to run the code I sent and test? Any other suggestions?

Thanks, Tom

Attached sample uses the same js code and the same xml
It works when I run it locally. (292 KB)

Thanks. Problem has been resolved and it was not xml or dhtmlx related. Turned out to be a Powerbuilder issue.