Grid, maths editing

Having great fun using the facilities in thee tree, grid, menu etc and incorporating them into my project.
I am now trying to replace a simple spreadsheet page with a grid object (not an overtaxing set of arithmetic as I have previously done this in home grown javascript!)
I cannot find the answer in the forum.

I can load data with formula OK,
I can insert a new row
I can see how to step through the affected section of the grid.
What I need to do is to adjust any formulae to take into account the inserted row.
How can I -
a) read the formula (I see that it is held in ‘original’)
b) update it
c) cause a recalculation of the grid - but only when all equations have been updated.

many thanks

I’ve answered the question myself for the latter part!

just used setValue(’=…’) and callEvent(“onGridReconstructed”,[]);
but still can’t find the way to read the formula


Currentyly we are working on spread sheet component based on dhtmlxGrid. It will be released in nearby future. You can contact and we can provide you beta version of this product.