Grid : Merge more than 2 Cells across a row


How to merge more than 2 Cells across a row in grid ?

You can merge as many cells as necessary, 3rd parameter of setColspan command control count of merged cells
mygrid.setColspan(id,ind,2) // merge 2 cells
mygrid.setColspan(id,ind,4) // merge 4 cells

Hi there,
             Means can I select multiple cells using Ctrl and Shift keys just like we can select multiple rows using those keys. ???

The grid doesn’t support such features as "selection of mutiple cells"
Grid can have multiple selected rows in same time, but only one active cell.

Can we do some modification to achieve such functionality ?

It will require pretty complex updated, because grid build on concept of single selected way.
There is no way to made such update easily .
If you interested in custom modification of component - please contact with your request.