Grid + Mini Calendar Weird UI

I have been testing the scheduler during which i was able to see one bug
In the sample code itself for GRID added two lines for mini calendar

var cal = scheduler.Calendars.AttachMiniCalendar();
cal.Navigation = true;

Now this gave me both but look at UI it works only for GRID

Also i would like to sort things in GRID based how do accomplish it
there is something for Sorting = GridViewColumn.Sort.Date
but doesnt work some light on this

This bug is visible in Terrace theme only and cannot be replicated in glossy

currently the only way to fix it it’s either change position of calendar button with css

.dhx_cal_navline div.dhx_minical_icon { left: 290px; }or to change positions of view buttins

This is still not updated in current update and i have to manually change it