Grid Not Displaying

Please see the following URL: … counting=1

Can you tell me why the grid isn’t displaying?

In the provided page we haven't found the code of grid initialization. Moreover there are not grid js libraries. The only file we have found is dhtmlxcommon.js.

Please, see sample of grid initialization in the documentation - dhtmlxGrid/samples/initialization_loading/init_grid.html

If problem persists, please, provide more detailed information about it.

I think you were looking at some other page. The problem, as it turns out, was exactly the opposite of what you said. It had the grid JS libraries and the init code, but it was missing the common JS libraries. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, though!

Sorry, I just realized the reason you weren’t seeing the js libraries or the grid init was because you have to be logged in to see that page. If you’re not logged in, it redirects you to a login page. Anyway, the problem is resolved, so thank you again for your help!