grid not showing rows

Hello there!

I have some problems with strange behaviour of grid. I load XML data for showing rows in grid with external PHP-file and it sends back well formed XML, there was no error message and I tested it with an XML-Validator.

But for some reason it does not show the rows. Strange thing about it is that it works in production-environment while it does not work in development-environment although both files are identical. And even XML which is sent back is identical.

So what could be the issue causing this problem?

Any ideas?

PS: I am using DHTML X 1.4 Professional since this application was developed while this was the latest version.

Most probably issue caused by used content type.
Be sure that in both cases file sent with correct content type - text/xml


thank you for your answer, but this did not solve the problem. Content type was right. Already created a lot of grids and always used same content type and it always worked except for this grid now. Don’t have any idea what could be wrong.

nice greetz

Try to use attached js instead of original dhtmlxcommon.js - for both IE and FF it shows exact error message of xml parser
( it is latest version , but it must work with dhtmlxgrid 1.4 as well ) (6.35 KB)