Grid Not Updating Records in DB

I have used your sample grid with postgres (xx_sample_postresql.html) and it works great however it does not save back to the db.

The log file says this:


Log started, 05/09/2009 08:09:34


Ready for SQL generation

field =>

    0 =>

        0 => item_nm

        1 => item_nm

    1 =>

        0 => item_cd

        1 => item_cd

id =>

    0 => dhx_auto_generated_id

    1 => dhx_auto_generated_id

table =>

    0 => grid50000

    1 => grid50000

count => 100

Exec SQL: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM grid50000

Exec SQL: CREATE TEMP sequence dhx_sequence;SELECT to_hex(nextval(‘dhx_sequence’))||’’||current_timestamp as dhx_auto_generated_id , item_nm , item_cd FROM grid50000 OFFSET 0 LIMIT 100

Done in 0.451210021973ms


Log started, 05/09/2009 08:09:39


Edit operation started [GRID]

-07:00_gr_id => a_05-SEP-09 07:39:34.473571 -07:00

a_05-SEP-09_07:39:34_473571_-07:00_c0 => cherylkdkddk

a_05-SEP-09_07:39:34_473571_-07:00_c1 => 83811843

a_05-SEP-09_07:39:34_473571_-07:00_!nativeeditor_status => updated

ids => a_05-SEP-09 07:39:34.473571 -07:00

Row data [a_05-SEP-09 07:39:34.473571 -07:00]

Access control: operation blocked

Edit operation finished

0 => action:error; sid:a_05-SEP-09 07:39:34.473571 -07:00; tid:a_05-SEP-09 07:39:34.473571 -07:00;

Done in 0.00209403038025ms

a) You didn’t specify ID field - in such case grid will generate some unique ID for each row. It works correctly for data showing, but can’t be used for data saving, because without ID grid can’t detect which row need to be updated in DB
b) “Access control: operation blocked” - please double-check the server-side code, are you using $grid->access object ? It can be used to block some kind of operations , which will result in exactly the same response.

I do not understand.  I used the example exactly as you provided it on your site.  Can you please show me where I need to add new code and what code I need to add?

By the way, I cannot update existing records either.  And the id field in the database is auto-incrementing.  Can you explain what I need to do?  I created your postgres database from your example and put your example code on my web server unchanged.  Why would your example not be complete?