Grid not working in IE

I have a grid which works perfectly fine in Firefox and does not work at all on IE.
I load the grid using an XML string, in JS

gridHarwareInfo= new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridbox’);
gridHarwareInfo.enablePaging(true, 300, 9, “pagingArea”, true, “pagingArea”);


it give me a weird error.
“Unknown runtime error”

For a complete history, I am using this grid on a tabbar tab… the content dataXML1 is retreived from AJAX call.

the structure of the XMl received also contains the header information in it…
kindly guide…
thanks and regards!

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Please check example here … nside.html

I have found that this error occurs in IE when the DIV you are placing the grid in is placed inside of improperly formed html.

Example: I put the div directly inside a table tag:

 <table><div id='grid_goes_here'></div></table>

This does not work!

But adding TR and TD tags like this does work:

 <table><tr><td><div id='grid_goes_here'></div></td></tr></table>
<div id='grid_goes_here'></div></table>


<div id='grid_goes_here'></div>