Grid onrowselected, download file

We are trying to use the grid to list files from a database, and to make the downloadable to our organisation. But when they click on the row/program they want to download, the get the IE yellow securitybar at top where they can select “Download file” When you the click “Download file” the download should begin, but it doesn`t. But if you after this click the row/program in the grid, the download begins as it should be. Is there any way to make the grid initiate the download the first time?


Unfortunately, it isn’t clear enough what grid must do …

But possibly selectRow method will solve the issue:


In this case the onRowSelect event will be called automatically.

If you are loading html page from local filesystem ( c:/some.html ) IE will show such messages for first download operation ( it is part of IE logic and will work the same for normal HTML links )
To fix issue - just load page by http url (the file links must be an http urls as well ) - in such case IE will download file without any warning messages.