Grid opacity in IE7


We are using dhtmlxGridFromTable with distributed parsing on. We have a requirement that unless the grid is fully loaded we need to grey out the grid .

We are trying to implement it like this way :

<table id=“gridBox” style=“filter:alpha(opacity=30);” name=“gridbox"onbeforeinit=”{$id}gridbox.enableDistributedParsing(true,5,50);" gridWidth="{$TABLE_WIDTH}" imgpath="…/cms/dhtmlx/treeGrid/dhtmlxGrid/codebase/imgs/">

In all the browers (Firefox , Safari ) we can see that grid is greyed off but in IE (both 6 and 7), its not getting greyed off.

This is known IE 6 and 7 limitation. This browsers doesn’t support transparent background and opacity.