Grid over 50 Rows

I have a grid with a datasource.

When datasource get over 50 items . The grid show me in client console an error message

"Cannot read property ‘_locator’ of undefined "

all datas arr in grid but the client console show this.

When datas <=50 then all ok.

What is the problem?

Such issue may occur in case of dynamic loading, when you try to sort or filter your grid.
In case of dynamic loading you need to operate with the grid dataset using the server-side.
Here is the tutorial: … de_sorting

If the reason of your issue is different, please, provide with any kind of sample of your code or a demo link, where the issue can be reproduced.

i push this thread because ive the same problem but i cant find out any solution.

its a grid, with smart rendering. But every view with more than 50 records produce the error

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_locator' of undefined

My grid:

grpManGrid = admTab.cells("grpMan").view("content").attachGrid(); grpManGrid.enableContextMenu(grpMenu); grpManGrid.setHeader("Typ,Sichtbar,Nummer,Anlagedatum, img:[" + cfg.flagPath + "flag_de.png] Bezeichnung,img:[" + cfg.flagPath + "flag_fr.png] Bezeichnung, img:[" + cfg.flagPath + "flag_en.png] Bezeichnung, img:[" + cfg.flagPath + "flag_nl.png] Bezeichnung, <center>Gruppe/Typ</center>, Tags, img:[" + cfg.dhxIconPath + "img.png], img:[" + cfg.dhxIconPath + "txt.png], img:[" + cfg.dhxIconPath + "dwn.png], img:[" + cfg.dhxIconPath + "email.png], img:[" + cfg.dhxIconPath + "link.png]"); grpManGrid.setDragText("Element", "Elemente"); grpManGrid.setSkin("dhx_skyblue"); grpManGrid.setIconsPath(cfg.dhxIconPath); grpManGrid.setColTypes("img,ch,ro,ro,ro,ed,ed,ed,ro,img,ro,ro,ro,ro,ro"); grpManGrid.setInitWidths("40,60,100,100,*,*,*,*,120,40,40,40,40,40,40"); grpManGrid.setColAlign("center,center,left,left,left,left,left,left,left,center,center,center,center,center,center"); grpManGrid.setColSorting("na,str,str,date,str,server,str,server,server,na,int,int,int,int,int"); grpManGrid.attachHeader("#rspan,#rspan,#text_filter,#rspan,#text_filter,#text_filter,#text_filter,#text_filter,#select_filter,#rspan,#rspan,#rspan,#rspan,#rspan,#rspan"); grpManGrid.enableTooltips("true,false,false,false,true,true,true,true,true"); grpManGrid.enableMercyDrag(true); grpManGrid.enableDragAndDrop(true); grpManGrid._drag_validate = false; // Erlaubt DnD in der gleichen Zeile grpManGrid.enableRowsHover(true, "hover"); grpManGrid.enableMultiselect(true); grpManGrid.enableSmartRendering(true); grpManGrid.init(); grpManGrid.loadXML(con.grpQList); grpManGrid.modId = "grp";

if i rewrite #select_filter to #text_filter it works fine, but it is not what i want to do.

could somebody help me?


Please, note, that in case of dynamic loading you cannot use the client-side filters.
Please, try to use the server-side filtering (dhtmlxconnector has in-built header filters)