Grid Pagination (enablePaging) need help

Dear forum support / sematik

as i mention before that i doing POC for my boss

previous problem was solved with your help and now i having following question

i check from your forum and sample / documentation

those are using <div> or <table> to load up the pagination (base on my understand)

is the grid pagination work under and ONLY with

and grid content/data are now loading from json
(in future it will load from database)

before i add in the .enablePaging everything work fine
but after add in the .enablePaging nothing is show (empty grid)

my development POC can find at

user1(sidebar) and profile1 (sidebar) is running the same code
just user1 is without .enablePaging and profile1 is added .enablePaging

hope you can point out my mistake, working sample example will be appreciated

I apologize for the delay with the reply.
Could you please, update your link or provide a login/pass for your page.

thanks for you reply
by the way, demo POC moved to
CODE: A10001

after you login, go to user1 and the pagination is not show
source code at Line 75 & 85
please help me to identify the mistake


Thank you for your updated link.
Unfortunately the paging mode wortks only in PRO version of the dhtmlxGrid, While you have a standard version on your page.