Grid Pagination with Toolbar - How to set the perPageSelect

    I want to have per pages select as 50 per page, 100 per page, 150 per page and so on… customizable, as I need. I am using toolbar skin. How do I customize the per page select? I looked into the code in dhtmlxgrid_pgn.js. At the end of it, it was hardcoded as k=5;k<35;k+=5 and so we get the perpagesselect always as 5,10,…,30.
   I tried to change the code to read as k=this.pagesInGroup;k<=this.rowsBuffer.length+this.pagesInGroup;k+=this.pagesInGroup
But unfortunately, I am not getting the expected result.
For the sample, I have created a grid with 5 rows and 2 rows in each page. So I was expecting 2,4,6 per page in the selection. But this.rowsBuffer.Length or this.getRowsNum() both return 2 instead of total rows as 5. How do I get the total rows?

Please help me to resolve this.


we have modified the the WT template, so that it allows to changethe pages options. Please contact us at if you’re interested in this solution.

I finally found out how to change the page select quantities from “5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30” to what I needed.

All I needed to do was call “setPagingWTMode(true,true,true,[30,60,90,120])” before “enablePaging()” and the toolbar had my values in it.

I’m using the toolbar paging skin “setPagingSkin(‘toolbar’,‘dhx_skyblue’)”] so this might not work if a different skin is used.