grid paging expands grid width and hides scrollbar

Hi there,

I have just come across a strange issue. I have a grid that I wanted to add paging to. I added paging and everything works great.

Then I add this line of code: myGrid.setPagingSkin(“bricks”);

All of a sudden, the grid width seems to expand and my scrollbar becomes half-hidden behind my layout border. Everything was sized exactly correctly before - something about that call makes the grid get wider though. It’s very strange.

I took screen shots but I don’t see a way to attach them. I can email them to someone if you send an email address.

I’m using a ton of components and don’t want to copy and paste my whole code sample. Here is just the grid portion. If you need the rest please let me know.

// Build Grid

myGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridbox’);








myGrid.attachEvent(“onRowDblClicked”, doOnRowDoubleClicked);

myGrid.attachEvent(“onDrag”, doOnDragGrid);

myGrid.attachEvent(“onDragIn”, doOnDragInGrid);


myGrid.loadXML("/xmlgen/cm_table.php?user_id={$user->user_id}&view_id=" + view_id);

Thank you in advance!


Please provide sample where this issue occurs including file which you are using to initialize grid at the