Grid Paging & Smart Rendering w/ DataStore

Sorry, couldn’t find a subforum for the DataStore component, so I put my question here. Attached is some HTML, XML, and JavaScript for a page in which I attempted to use smart rendering and paging in a Grid combined with a DataStore. The hope is that we can use a DataStore to contain information which is loaded on demand based on the user’s interaction with the sync’d grid widget. But it doesn’t seem to work; I’ve been trying on it for the last day but keep coming back to the same JavaScript error coming from deep inside DHTMLX code: Uncaught TypeError: Object true has no method ‘replace’. I believe this is because, for some reason, grid.xmlFileUrl is true (literally the JavaScript true value) instead of a string. But I lack the expertise to delve deep into the code and come up with a quick solution, so I’m requesting some help. My code is attached; it’s a simplified version of what I am working on, but it should work if you stick it anywhere (no pesky server-side tools required as my data is sucked right from an XML file, and the bug is still demonstrated). We use the compiler to build enormous dhtmlx.js and dhtmlx.css files — those are also required, but for simplicity I did not include them. We’re using DHTMLX Suite 3.5 for this. Thanks for having a look. (3.07 KB)

DataStore can be used in such mode. In case of your sample, problem caused by data format. You are using datastore but data is in grid’s format.[]=datastore#supported_data_formats

Check the updated files ( only format of xml was changed )

Also, as sidenote, in the code you have used onXLS and marked it as not-blockable. For dyn. loading scenarious there are one more event - onDynXLS which is blockable ( can be used for standalone grid, without dataprocessor attached )
data-store.ZIP (3 KB)

Good point, unfortunately that was just my mistake in converting from my server-side code into the XML file. If you use the code that I’ve attached (which includes our compiled version of DHTMLX, which we built using the libCompiler without any modifications) when you try to scroll down the smart-rendering grid, you will get a JavaScript error in the DHTMLX code that prevents it from even trying to fetch the next set of data. Keep scrolling around in the table and you’ll keep racking up errors (check it out in Chrome for example). If you only include the JavaScript files required, and not the compiled version, then you get no problems and it works; so it seems there’s something goofy in the compiled file that screws this up.

The JavaScript error is:

Uncaught TypeError: Object true has no method ‘replace’ [dhtmlx.js:2543]
a [dhtmlx.js:2543]
b [dhtmlx.js:2543]
(anonymous function) [dhtmlx.js:2545]
d [dhtmlx.js:42]
a.callEvent [dhtmlx.js:42]
dhtmlXGridObject._update_srnd_view [dhtmlx.js:598]
(anonymous function) [dhtmlx.js:63]

Thanks for any further help. (695 KB)

Problem confimed and fixed.

Please open ticket at support system, or send us an email ( ) - we will provide the updated version of dhtmlx.js

Also, you are using enableAutoHeight in the sample, which is make smartrendering useless, it is not related to the the original issue, just a side note.