Grid pdf php php7.4

For PHP versions greater than 7.0 the files result in an error:
printpdf_grid/gridPdfGenerator.php at 149 : A non-numeric value encountered

The code works in PHP 7.0.
Is there a newer version or release to download?

Sorry, posted in wrong area. Moved to grid forum.

Unfortunately there is no newer version of the grid export supporting php7+.
All I can suggest is to use the php5, or try to modify the export service manually.
The sources are available on github:

Problem solved. For anyone else interested.

Download latest version of tcpdf 6.3.5 and relevant extras (you will need some of them). Version 6.3.0 will still thrown errors.

To get rid of non-numeric error:
Edit line 130 of gridPdfGenerator.php
$summaryWidth += $columnArr[‘width’];
$summaryWidth += (int)$columnArr[‘width’];

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