grid performances when paging

I’d like your opinion on this issue.
I’m creating a grid with a quite big number of rows. Actually I add 500 rows and 5 columns.
When I use the smartrendering feature the grid works at lightning speed with every browser, but if I also add paging (20 rows per page) to the grid, IE becomes very slow.
Slow means that the grid takes 2.5 seconds to render, instead with chrome only 0.3 seconds.

What I don’t understand is why? I mean, in your documentation you say that with paging smart rendering is disabled, but I sincerely don’t catch why it should be so slow the rendering of the grid if only 20 rows are displayed. Is the grid creating all the cells even if they are not in the currently visible page?

Best regards, Andrea Pirola

If paging mode id enabled grid parsed only those rows which should be visible to the user.
Please check if you have any code which iterates through all rows in grid, it may decrease grid performance. If issue still occurs please open ticket at and provide any kind of demo link or example where we can reproduce this issue.

Sorry, it was my fault. I was setting paging after the parsing of the data.

Thank you, Andrea Pirola