grid.printView() with combo columns

I have a grid which uses combo columns and when I use the printview function I only see the Values not the text associated with the combos. How can I use printView and Print my combo TEXT vs. Values?

In another note, is there any function to Print a layout which contains several grids?

I have a full window layout Formated (3E) and have a different grid in cells a,b and c. They create a type of invoice. I would like to print them as though all these grids were on the same page. The center grid always results in a scroll bar and each grid has a different number of cols. The idea would be the grids would print in order over as many sheets as needed but they would all be connected.

If this is possible could you provide insite on how to accomplish

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Do you use “combo” excell as the editor ?

In this case you can define getContent method for combo excell. Just include the following code before grid initialization:

return this.getText()

grid = new dhtmlXGridObject(…); …

The fix worked well for part one Thank you, Do you have any info on part 2 printing multiple grids in a layout

printView allows to print only one grid. We don’t have ready solutions to print multiple grids