grid problem of state maintain

i have a grid with data which has three column like


1 Delhi New Delhi

2 Haryana Chandigarh

A is srno , b is state and c is capital values

when i press f2 on first row on cell Delhi a popup is open with all sate of INDIA and its STATE CAPITAL.

in popup window radio button are there is check the radio button that row value of delhi , and new delhi seleted

on close of the popup window the value come on the parent grid.

but i want to show the selecte value in the popupwindow when the user selecte first row of the parent grid using F2 the popup window open and that is already selected value is highlight among all the value available in the popup .

(Like that popup window row of the Delhi and New Delhi is selected when user click the first row of the parend grid.)

You need to have some code in your popup which will get data from parent grid and update UI in necessary way.

var state = parent.mygrid.cells(parent.mygrid.getSelectedRowId(),1).getValue();