grid problem

why when i put my table or grid div to 98% and put some numbers AND * for column width ( mygrid.setInitWidths() ) when grid finishes loading it shifts a little and horizontal AND vertical scroll bars appear.

when it is still 98% BUT mygrid.setInitWidths("") has only * it works like a charm.

when table or grid div is set to 90% it works fine no matter what.

any solution?

P.S. i want ti to be 98 procent and when it fineshes loading its size to be correctly handled.

P.S. mygrid.setSizes() does not fixes the problem.

To fix this issue add mygrid.setSizes() after grid was loaded:

And add mygrid.setSizes() on window’s resize event:
dhtmlxEvent(window, “resize”, function(){ mygrid.setSizes(); });