Grid Re-Selection Issue

I have a strange issue when I use a form bound to my grid. When the user submits the form (not with the built in functions) I clear the grid selection and reload the grid via LoadXML(). If I then select the same row from the grid (even after clearing it and reloading) the form doesn’t reflect the selection.

If I select a different row and then re-select the one I wanted it works just fine. I’ve tried using Reset, Clear, and ClearSelection without any luck on this.

I did see a previous thread about cell selection and onRowSelect not firing correctly. Would this be the same issue? I haven’t had a chance to see if the event is actually firing - I’ll try to do that today and get back about it.

The onRowSelect event is firing. But again, the form that is bound to the grid isn’t updating even though the row selection fired.

Please provide any kind of sample to reconstruct an issue.