grid response is slow for large row

Dear Sir,

After i loaded around 2000 records into a grid, the response for user action is very slow. It takes around 1-2 seconds in order to highlight the row after mouse click on any row. Also, the column width adjust is very slow as well. Is there any way to improve it? Many thanks

i use the following code to construct the grid

    grid = layout.cells("b").attachGrid();
    grid.setHeader(" , ," + nameLabel + "," + descLabel + "," + verLabel + "," + modDate + header);
    grid.setColTypes("ro,img,myLinkRo,txt,ro,ro" + colTypes);
    grid.setInitWidths("30,30,150,200,60,100" + initWidths);
    grid.setColAlign("center,center,left,left,right,left" + colAlign);
    grid.setColSorting("na,str,str,str,int,str" + colSort);
    grid.enableEditEvents(false, true, true);

    grid.attachEvent("onRowDblClicked", checkEditable);
    grid.attachEvent('onBeforeSorting', function(ind,type,dir){
        return onBeforeGridSort(ind,type,dir);
    grid.attachEvent("onBeforeContextMenu", onBeforeOpenMenu);

To increase lading performance in dhtmlxGrid you can use Smart Rendering mode … endering&s[]=smart&s[]=rendering

Dear Sir,

My problem is not on the loading performance, but is the grid response after loading 2000 records. It takes near 1-2 seconds to highlight a record when you click on it, and it is not acceptable i think. Also, the column width adjustment also slow. I find that the response is better when not enable multiline, but is still slow

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Please check example here … tatic.html
This issue may occur of you try to iterate over each row when you click on it.

Dear Sir,

I have created a sample to show you the issue, please find attached the test.html files for your reference. After loading the data into the grid, you can find that the grid response is very slow. It takes around 1 to 2 seconds to highlight the row after you click on it. Also, i cannot able to drag and drop the header in order to resize the column width. The situation is getting worse when the number of records reach 5000, but that is my final target. Is there any feature which i can disable in order to speed it up? many thanks (8.46 KB)

To increase lading performance in dhtmlxGrid you can use Smart Rendering mode:


Note, Smart rendering mode is incompatible with Multi line mode